About Us

A decade ago, our journey began as a China product sourcing company, connecting Nepali buyers with reliable products from Chinese suppliers via Rodhisources.com. Over time, we expanded our services to include design, labeling, product design, packaging design, and social media marketing consulting. With our wide experience, our service offerings go beyond design and social media consulting. We also specialize in social media management, website development, ad video production, product photoshoots, and much more.

Today, we have expanded our services into a dedicated digital marketing agency in Nepal, drawing from a wealth of experience accumulated over a decade of collaboration with diverse businesses. Our team of dynamic digital enthusiasts is enthusiastic about partnering with brands looking to succeed in the digital landscape. Whether your goals involve entering new markets or exploring innovative advertising approaches, our partners all share a common objective: achieving growth.

No matter your industry, our commitment remains unwavering as we deliver tailor-made solutions through the most effective channels to help you attain your growth objectives.